Anna Nanning

I attended an networking event several weeks ago and afterwards I was asking myself if I had gained anything from it. I met Helen  at the event for the first time, stayed in touch with her and we decided to do a session/brainstorm. During our relaxed meet up I was able to see my own business ideas from a different angle. I had some obstacles on my business plan but Helen helped me to solve them by asking the ”right” questions. She is a truly great listener and helps you to take your next step. Helen also gave me some great links for follow-up reading and podcasts related to my business idea. On the day I met Helen for our first session, I knew I had gained something amazing from that networking event.

Board Break: Dream It - Believe It - Achieve It

Believe It - in action!

A great morning spent with Mary who was kind enough to provide some lovely feedback: 

"As a fellow fire walker  and multiple board breaker I can 100% recommend Helen from Inner Fire as you are in a very safe pair of hands from start to finish. It's such a liberating feeling physically breaking through any unconscious limitations you may have - to enable you to step up to the next level of your dreams. Thank you Helen, it was such fun and can't wait to do another one with you!"