Hypno-fertility: An introduction

Tuesday 17 March 10.30am -12.00

Introductory talk & relaxation session - $20

Learn about the power of relaxation & hypnotherapy to help you prepare for conception - mentally, physically and emotionally

What is Hypno-fertility?
Hypno-fertility is 'short-hand' for utilising hypnotherapy techniques with couples who are seeking fertility support. Hypnotherapy has been clinically demonstrated as an effective way to increase the likelihood of conceiving, both naturally or whilst seeking medical assistance and can improve the likelihood of conceiving by up to 50%. 

Your body and mind are intricately linked and this is something that hypnotherapy uses to its advantage. Think about the last horror movie you watched or the last book you read that left you out of breath or your heart racing - all of these physical reactions in your body were generated by your thoughts and imagination alone.  Hypnotherapy helps you to relax deeply, visualise positive future scenarios and accept therapeutic suggestions which - if done during very deep relaxation - can lead to physical changes in your body brought on by the specially selected conception related techniques chosen.

What to expect:
During this 90-minute taster session you will learn how hypnotherapy can help you to enjoy increased levels of relaxation and experience a calmer conception journey. You will then be invited to experience a deep hypnotic relaxation (no pressure - you can just observe if you like). This beneficial method of preparing for conception could lead you to enjoy any or all of the following proven benefits:

  1. Increased levels of relaxation which reduce stress levels
  2. Your calmer mind will create better mind-body wellness - including more optimal hormone levels for conception
  3. Release any subconscious mental/emotional blocks to conception
  4. Release any physical tension preventing conception, such as involuntary contraction of your reproductive organs

Sessions will be confidential!
Conception challenges can be extremely stressful and couples are sometimes reluctant to share their worries with others. Every attendee will be required to pre-sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that attendance remains mutually confidential. (Please just email me if you have any concerns regarding this matter - helen@innerfire.sg)

About me
I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I passionately believe in the power of hypnotherapy to help clients achieve their goals. My role is to understand the outcomes that clients are looking for in very specific detail. I then take them into hypnosis (a deeply relaxed state like daydreaming) where I make suggestions to their subconscious brain about the changes that they intend to achieve. I have seen some incredible results through my practice which drives me to learn more and continue to share this wonderful modality with clients.

Please email helen@innerfire.sg to arrange a complimentary chat with no obligation.